The Richmond Audubon Society is excited to serve as the host chapter for the Virginia Society of Ornithology’s Annual Meeting.  We’ve scheduled the meeting for the first weekend of May, from May 5-7, 2017.  Our home base for the weekend will be the Wyndham Virginia Crossings Hotel and Conference Center located at 1000 Virginia Center Parkway, Glen Allen, Virginia.  It is a beautiful property located north of the city, and the groundskeepers there tell us that they regularly have nesting Brown Thrashers and Carolina Wrens.  You can visit their website here for more information about the facility:  And while the hotel’s grounds are lovely, we are very excited to show off all the wonderful birding locations we have in and around the city of Richmond. We are planning to host a number of field trips to some of our favorite spots.  By the first weekend in May, there’s a very good chance that the James River Park system will be teeming with many of the migratory species that make their way through our area every spring.  You can expect the field trips to touch on a number of our hot spots in the James River Park System in Richmond, which spans some 550 acres right in the heart of the city of Richmond.  You can learn more about it by clicking here: Urban birding won’t be our only option, either.  We have field trip leaders eager to show off the many wonderful spots in the central Virginia area that our members regularly enjoy.  We’ll have a full list... Click Here To Continue Reading!

Ah, spring birding in the mountains and valleys of Roanoke. Come experience it for yourself. We are lucky to have a diverse assortment of habitats that attract a wide variety of migrant and resident birds. From yellow-crowned night-herons and Louisiana waterthrushes on our local streams to cerulean warblers on our mountaintops, from grasshopper sparrows in our fields to ovenbirds in our forests—the Roanoke area has it all. There will be a few field trips offered Friday afternoon (preregistration required; descriptions can be found in this newsletter) and lots more on both Saturday and Sunday mornings. There will be stationary, driving, and hiking trips of varying degrees of difficulty so you can choose one that's right for you.

We will start the weekend with several field trips Friday afternoon (preregistration required at 540-580-5214

Pick up your registration packets and sign up for Saturday and Sunday's field trips beginning Friday afternoon. You may sign up for a boxed lunch to take on your field trips Saturday and/or Sunday. Lunches will include sandwich, chips, cookie and beverage for $13 each. Otherwise lunch is on your own at the Sheraton’s award-winning Shula’s 347 Grill or at another of the fine... Click Here To Continue Reading!