2018 Annual Meeting Registration

Welcome to the VSO's 2018 Annual Meeting Registration Page! Here, you can conveniently purchase Individual Registrations, our newly offered Saturday Boxed Lunch, and both the Saturday evening Banquet and Raffle Tickets using PayPal. If you prefer to download the printable registration form and send it by mail to the VSO, please click Here!

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If you need to purchase multiple items (for instance, if you've purchased a registration, and now wish to purchase raffle tickets), simply click on Continue Shopping in your PayPal shopping cart.

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Purchase raffle tickets to win a pair of Zeiss binoculars (Terra ED 8x42) or a spot on a Sunday field trip led by Nathan Pieplow (banquet keynote speaker). Other items are being added to the raffle, check the VSO Annual Meeting web site for more items to be raffled Here!

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For questions or more information about the annual meeting, contact Rexanne Bruno, 2018 Annual Meeting Chair, by making use of this Contact Form on the VSO Website [http://www.virginiabirds.org/annual-meeting-inquiries] or cell: 434-944-2730.