VSO Supports Bird-Window Collision Project Launches Crowdfunding Campaign to Fund Student Research!

Each year hundreds of millions of birds are killed by collisions with windows on homes, businesses, university campuses, you name it!  Any structure with reflective glass represents a potential hazard for birds.  Today, most ornithologists agree that window collisions kill more birds than any other anthropogenic cause other than of habitat loss.  At this time of year, birds are especially vulnerable to collisions with windows, as young birds are making their first perilous trek toward distant wintering grounds in the southeastern US, Caribbean, Central and South America.  On this journey, they must navigate through many manmade landscapes offering numerous opportunities for window collisions.  The good news is that this is an issue we can do something about…

Researchers at Virginia Tech’s Conservation Management Institute have launched a crowdfunding campaign to support research focused on understanding and mitigating the impact of window collisions on bird populations.  Funds raised by this campaign will support student research experiences for natural resource majors at Virginia Tech.  This campaign seeks not only to better understand a pressing conservation issue, but to provide opportunities for students to gain practical experience in wildlife conservation research.  Using study sites on the Virginia Tech campus and suburbs of Blacksburg, students will assess where, when, and why birds collide with windows, as well as methods for preventing collisions.   

Most of us can relate to the experience of hearing a bird thud into the windows of our home or office and wonder what we can do to prevent such occurrences.  While resources are available from sources like the American Bird Conservancy (see https://abcbirds.org/get-involved/bird-smart-glass/), too little is known about window fatalities from low-rise structures in small towns, cities, and suburbs.  Every donation made to this project between October 2nd-November 10th will be a step toward better understanding this issue and funding student research experiences.  Please check out the project website (https://crowdfund.vt.edu/bird_window) and consider making your own contribution today.