A Virginia Non-Stock Corporation

Effective June 1993
May 2012


The name of the corporation is VIRGINIA SOCIETY OF ORNITHOLOGY.


The corporation is formed and shall be operated exclusively for scientific and educational purposes; no part of its net income or assets shall inure to the benefit of any individual; no substantial part of its activities shall consist of carrying on propaganda or other attempts to influence legislation; and it shall not participate or intervene in any political campaign (including the publishing or distribution of statements) on behalf of any candidate for public office.  The principal activities of the corporation in furtherance of its scientific and educational purposes shall be as follows:

1. To promote the study of birds in Virginia and to bring together and record scientific and other data relating to their habits.

2. To promote the development, protection and conservation of bird life and other natural resources.

3. To cooperate with national and state ornithological organizations and conservation agencies and other devoted to such interests and to conservation and education in the field of natural resources.

4. To encourage the organization and operation of affiliated groups in sympathy with the foregoing aims.

5. In general, to do everything necessary, incidental and proper for the accomplishment of any of the purposes or the attainment of any of the objectives of the corporation.


Membership in the corporation shall be composed of such natural persons who apply for membership and pay to the Treasurer the prescribed dues.  

The bylaws may provide for the classification of regular members on the basis of dues paid.

All members of the corporation shall have full voting rights and shall be entitled to one vote for each director to be elected, in the election of directors, one vote for each officer to be elected in the election of officers, and one vote in all other matters submitted to them.


The President of the VSO will provide the name of the agent.


The number of directors, not less than three, shall be fixed by the bylaws, and in the absence of a bylaw fixing the number, the number shall be 17.  The persons holding the offices of President, Vice President, Secretary, Membership Secretary, Treasurer, Editor of THE RAVEN, Editor of the Newsletter, and the Immediate Past President shall be directors during their terms of office.  The remaining directors shall be elected by the members for three year terms, with the terms of one-third of such remaining directors expiring each year.


The officers of the corporation shall consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Membership Secretary, Treasurer, Editor of THE RAVEN, Editor of the Newsletter and such other officers as may be prescribed by the bylaws. The officers shall be elected at the annual meeting for terms of one year and until their successors are elected.


Upon dissolution of the corporation, its net assets shall be distributed in accordance with a plan of distribution adopted pursuant to The Virginia Non-Stock Corporation Act or by a court of competent jurisdiction exclusively to one or more corporations or organizations engaged in activities substantially similar to those of the corporation which are at the time exempt from Federal income taxes.

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