Virginia Society of Ornithology Strategic Plan

(November 17th, 2018 to July 30, 2019)

The VSO mission statement:  The Virginia Society of Ornithology exists to encourage the systematic study of birds in Virginia, to stimulate interest in birds, and to assist the conservation of wildlife and other natural resources.  

Goal 1:  Encourage the Systematic Study of Birds in Virginia

Objective 1:  Support the Second Virginia Breeding Bird Atlas towards completion, including the data gathering and publication phases.

Objective 2:  Continue producing the VSO’s publications to keep members informed about developments in ornithology:  the VSO newsletter, the Raven, Virginia Birds, website, and social media updates.

Objective 3:  Support VARCOM’s work to provide a definitive record of sightings in the commonwealth.

Objective 4:  Provide scholarships to up-and-coming students to sustain the future of ornithology.

Goal 2:  Stimulate Interest in Birds

Objective 1:  Hold at least 4 field trips each year led by experienced guides.

Objective 2:  Hold an annual meeting to build ties among birders throughout Virginia.

Objective 3:  Serve as an umbrella organization for local bird clubs statewide and support their ability to meeting their members’ needs.

Objective 4:  Maintain the VA-bird Listserve to encourage information-sharing by birders.

Goal 3:  Assist the Conservation of Wildlife and Other Natural Resources

Objective 1:  Sustain support for the Kestrel Nest Box and Monitoring  Program to encourage an increase of this species within Virginia.

Objective 2:  Provide annual Conservation Grants to ensure that good avian efforts in Virginia do no fail due to a lack of funding.

Objective 3: Complete the initial phase of the Dominican Republic research project designed to provide insights regarding how land use in the tropics is affecting native and neotropical species.