A note about using this directory . . .

The Virginia Society of Ornithology (VSO) Speakers Directory is updated and published each spring. It contains programs that the individuals and organizations listed have developed for presentation to bird clubs and similar groups. There is no charge either to the speakers to be listed or to the organizations or individuals requesting a copy of the publication; it is compiled as a public service by the VSO. Please be aware that individual programs are not reviewed or endorsed by the VSO. The directory can be downloaded here as a PDF!

The capsule comments inform you of each speaker’s specialty. When you contact a speaker, ask about fees. Most will visit you for a modest honorarium or travel expenses, some for free, and a few for professional fees. The VSO suggests that in most cases a gift or gift certificate is not suitable; a check or cash to defray traveling expenses is more appropriate. Details concerning length of program, travel arrangements, meals, equipment needed, overnight accommodations, and special considerations should be discussed at the time of initial contact with the speaker. Please note that the VSO has no role in any arrangements concerning these bookings.

Occasionally, contact information for a speaker changes during the year and some phone numbers and/or addresses may not be current. If you have difficulty reaching an individual listed in this directory, check the Speaker's Directory here on the VSO Website for updated information. You may also contact the editor (see below). They may have received new information on the whereabouts of the person you are trying to contact.

If you have a presentation you would like listed in this directory, or wish to obtain further information regarding its publication, please contact:

Russell Taylor